Min Li Fine Arts

Cityscape Series
Navy Pier (2007)
30x40 Oil on canvas

Chicago's Navy Pier reflects the radiance of sunset. The ferris wheel whirls smoothly as if unwinding and easing the weary day. Min combines the unique transitional luminosity of the sky, water, and glowing lights in this dazzling yet soothing harborscape. The natural blending of teal, terra rossa, and naples yellow presents to the senses a fresh summer evening's breeze.
Chicago Board of Trade Building (2007)
30x40 Oil on Linen

The CBOT, or Chicago Board of Trade is one of America's oldest trade exchanges. At the heart of Chicago's Loop, the CBOT Building stands tall on the dynamic West Jackson Street. Using a balance of bristle with sable brushes and cool cobalts with warm cadmiums, Min brings depth and finish to these monumental limestones.
Spring Rain in Chicago (2007)
48x36 Oil on canvas

Zesty spring rain showers over the Chicago Water Tower. An exquisit architectural gem among many in the Windy City, it is the sole surviving structure of Chicago's Great Fire in 1871. Here, from the John Hancock Center, the Water Tower stands as a symbol of resilience, virility, and historical continuity.