Min Li Fine Arts

Landscape Series
(untitled)PV 1 (2017)
16x12 Oil

Garden Light
20x24 Oilon canvas

In the Sunshine Yard (2009)
12x16 Oil on canvas

Cedar Pergola
20x30 Oil on canvas

Morning Sun (2009)
20x24 Oil on Canvas

Hesse park(RPV) (2009)
18x24 Oil on canvas

Mission Light (2006)
24x30 Oil on Canvas

This missionscape in brilliant violet and carmine reflect the alfresco beauty of the California missions.
P V Home
30x40 Oil on Canvas

Rock in stream
24x30 Oil on canvas

The boulder focal point and the directional movement of the stream offer this composition its vitality. The changing intensity of colors from amethyst violet as they recede into the horizon set apart Min’s expressionistic style.
Red Roof En Plein Air (2005)
12x16 Oil on canvas

In this impressionistic rendering of a Long Beach Las Alamedas cottage Min skillfully uses thick brushstrokes to analyze tone and color in the play of light on surfaces. Chartreuse-green spring colors blend perfectly giving the painting a fresh quality.