Min Li Fine Arts

Landscape Series
Giverny Greens (2004)
14x18 Oil on canvas

Min Li Fine Arts is proud to present this piece in the 2008 Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction in Denver, CO on August 31st. Please see the work here: http://www.rcvfd-richard-schmid-art-auction.com/Min%20Li.html And bid on the work here: http://www.rcvfd-richard-schmid-art-auction.com/place%20a%20bid.html The Giverny gardens are the renown site of Monet's "Water Lily Pond." This historic location rests on right bank of the River Seine and only 80km from Paris on the border of the province of Normandy and the Île-de-France. Min's choice to paint the light-coral and Indian-red blooms in impasto brushstrokes gives the painting an impressionistic quality only appropriate to the Giverny Gardens.